Vapor blasting, hydra blasting, vapor honing are all terms used for the same process. We have the largest cabinet made by Raptor Blasting Systems. Its large enough to fit complete motorcycle chassis and swingarms. We specialize in that amazing finish everyone is after. You can vapor blast brand new parts and make them look better than how they come from the factory.

$60 per hour is the shop rate for vapor blasting. We have some flat rate pricing that does apply to common parts. After doing this several years now we have a good idea for how much time it takes to do traditional single cylinder dirt bike parts. If parts are severely oxidized, more time is needed of course and that would be communicated as accurately as possible prior to starting the work. As always we request parts to be shipped oil and dirt free. Bearing’s/seal’s, and stud removal fees are additional.

!!Don’t pay us to clean your parts or to disassemble them before we can even begin our services!!

  • $300 – Aluminum dirtbike frames start here depending on condition.
  • $200 – Dirtbike swingarms start here depending on condition. Does not include any weld repair needed, or paint/powder stripping.
  • $120 – single cylinder engine pair of cases – most of the time it takes 1.5-2 hours.
  • $60 – clutch/ignition/primary covers combined.
  • $60 – 4 stroke heads
  • $60 – 4 stroke/2 stroke cylinders
  • $50 – carburetor, pair of brake hangers, pair of calipers, 2 stroke head, pair of master cylinders

Please contact us to send us parts for Vapor Blasting