Isotropic Superfinishing of Motor Internals

We offer isotropic Superfinishing services for motor internals.  Typically most common are transmission components. However any parts can be Superfinished that are not already coated like some wrist pins that come DLC coated. It would not be appropriate to treat those. Any gear or shaft in the motor, crank shaft halves and rods, and cams can all benefit from the process. Anything treated gains performance from the reduction in friction which increases horse power and torque. Utilizing a non abrasive media, tolerance loss is on the micron level. This is a very refined multi step/chemical process that takes many hours to complete.

Retail is $350

If you are a shop wanting to offer these services to your customers. Please contact us for dealer rates.


Parts are inspected prior to treatment. If parts are damaged/worn and require replacement, manufactures availability can affect timeframe of delivery, ultimately delaying treatment of parts.  Customers parts can be immediately returned if services are unavailable to be performed. We will not do the process on parts that are out of OEM spec.