Custom Machining, Fabrication, and Welding Services

Radiator repair and modification including bracing and expanded tanks.

Subframe repair and modification including lowering to customers specs. Benefits are lower chassis ride height without sacrificing initial part of the stroke in your suspension.

Customs parts made per customers drawings. Contact us for a quote.

Custom pit carts welded from aluminum. Contact us for a quote.

Misc Machine Work

  • $50 – Send me your rear master cylinder for a machined aluminum plug to replace the sight glass.
  • $60 – Face two stroke heads
  • $75 – Fly cut 4 stroke heads to customers spec
  • $80 – bore triple clamp to fit works forks (price per clamp – $120 for set). $10 to remove/reinstall stem.

Radiator Work

There will be a $20 cleaning fee in addition to the pricing listed below

  • $40-60 – radiator repair
  • $60 – cross bracing per radiator
  • $60 – seam welding of upper and lower tanks
  • $75 – cage bracing, really strengthens the radiators but can be a pain cleaning the radiators thoroughly between motos outdoors
  • $145 – expanding of tanks for more coolant volume

Subframe work

  • $45-60 – subframe repair, will need pics to determine if repairable
  • $90 – lowering subframe to customer specs, or 5-8mm is pretty safe without to much issue with fitment of muffler. Beyond that requires modification to muffler bracket typically