03+ KX125/250 Factory Axle blocks & Ti Nut


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These are replica Kawasaki KX125/250 2 Stroke Factory Axle Blocks that fit 2003 and newer models. They come with the same style 27mm castle nut made from 6AL-4V Grade 5 Titanium, and comes with 2 cotter pins. *use your OEM axle washer

The axle blocks are made from 7075 Aluminum which is much harder and durable to wear vs 6061. They are very tight tolerances on the axle fit and in the swingarm for no play. These style blocks really complete the build. 2002 and older are different and are coming soon. 


Picture of James Stewarts 2005 Kawasaki SR250 rear axle setup for reference – Credit Motocross Action Magazine.